Dear Athletes,'s founder (USA cycling coach, Kenneth Lundgren) and Campmor-sponsored athlete (Laura Winberry) have teamed up to bring you SoLete--the very best in current nutrition and training. With a simple and straightforward philosophy, SoLete provides weekly, up-to-date articles (visit our blog) on the ins and outs of cycling-specific nutrition and supplements. From amateur curiosities, to professional details, SoLete is the answer for the dedicated rider of any level.

With the recent launch of their online store--carrying a popular selection of athlete-tested, researched, and endorsed brands--SoLete is now able to provide you with the nutrition your body needs. Through knowledge, nutrition, and dedication comes results. Solete is the knowledge and the nutrition. You are the dedication and the results.


Laura Winberry & Kenneth Lundgren

SoLete Nutrition